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Learn more about the popular remodeling trends in 2019.

Home remodeling in Tampa is the ideal way to take your house and turn it into your Tampa dream home. That said, the term remodeling can mean a hugely diverse number of things. It’s always best to get an idea of where to start before you begin laying out a budget and tossing money around. This is where remodeling trends can come in handy.

If you’re looking into home remodeling in Tampa, kitchen remodeling in Tampa, bathroom remodeling in Tampa or you’re considering floor installation, you’ve come to the right source for your information. Follow along as see what’s popular with these 2019 remodeling trends in Tampa and Clearwater homes!

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Trends

As the two places where the most time is spent by occupants and guests in your home, kitchens and bathrooms remain among the most popular spaces to remodel if you’re looking at remodeling trends. These are also great places to start because these remodels add a lot of functionality, tend to feature excellent return on investment, and will meaningfully enhance and customize your space. The top remodeling trends for kitchens and bathrooms include:

  • Color redesign – Altering color palettes is cost-efficient and smart, letting you inject personality into these spaces without heavily denting your budget. The top remodeling trends concerning color are still heavily featuring stark whites, but earthy tones like deep greens and more neutral browns are seeing a lot more use in kitchens for a more rustic appeal.
  • Lighting design – Updating lighting is an excellent way to pair functionality with aesthetic design. As has been the case for the past few years, recessed lighting, LED lighting, and more task lighting around countertops and bathroom sinks are the most popular.
  • Kitchen cabinet overhauls – Upgrading to custom or semi-custom kitchen cabinets add a lot of usable storage, which many kitchen owners are finding they lack with all of the new appliances and gadgets that fill our spaces these days.

Flooring Remodels

Whether you’re looking to change the flooring in a single room in your home, or you want to redo all of your Tampa home’s flooring, flooring remodels are a great place to see some big changes in your quality of life at a reasonable price point.

The most popular flooring remodeling trends based on flooring material are:

  • Hardwood flooring – Hardwood is, and likely will always be, the king among floor remodeling trends. Handsome and hardy in equal measure, it makes for a smart investment that adds richness and beauty to a home that is hard to match.
  • Tile flooring – Once there was a time when tile looked cheap and performed cheaper. That is no longer the case by a mile. Modern tile is durable, effective, and can be custom-crafted to look like nearly anything. If you’re looking for something unique, tile is the way to go among remodeling trends.
  • Laminates – High-quality laminate is price-friendly and can be crafted to mimic the look of natural wood, stone, tile, and even other, more unique materials. It’s a great choice for those looking to invest in a flooring remodel without having to dip into the budget for other remodeling targets in the home.</li.

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