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How to stick to your bathroom remodeling budget.

If you’re planning to begin a bathroom remodeling project, you’re likely to spend a fair amount of time doing your research. You’ve heard time and time again to make a budget, but very little about how to actually stick to and maintain a bathroom remodeling budget.

Are you looking to learn more about making a bathroom remodeling budget that meets your needs without going overboard? You’ve come to the right place! When it comes to home remodeling, kitchen remodeling, or bathroom remodeling, you need to work with experienced and trustworthy contractors to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget with results that will last years and years down the road!

Building Your Bathroom Remodeling Budget

By determining what you’re comfortable with spending you can build a list of features that you would like to see in your new bathroom that will make you fall in love with the remodel. It’s best that your budget be a comfortable range instead of a hard number, as giving yourself about 10% wiggle room can help to head-off any unforeseen issues or changes.

On average, the cost of remodeling a single room in your home should not exceed 15% of the total home value. There’s some debate to be had here for the more important rooms, such as master bathrooms or kitchens, keep that in mind as a rule of thumb.

Ways to Maintain Your Bathroom Remodeling Budget

Once you have a number in place you will avoid considerable stress by paying attention to and maintaining your budget wherever possible. Here are the best ways to maintain your bathroom remodeling budget.

Avoid Focusing On Too Many Changes With Your Bathroom Remodeling Budget

The plumbing, floors, new fixtures, and new lighting—there are many options when it comes to a bathroom remodel. Ask yourself what you really want to see improved upon and what you already like about your bathroom that can remain the same.

If you’re looking for cost-efficient bathroom remodeling options, consider these:

    • Changing your bathroom’s color scheme – Altering paint colors is an excellent way to give your bathroom a low-cost facelift.
    • New bathroom cabinetry – New cabinets add both visual appeal and functionality, providing you with more storage space in addition to the new look.
    • Updated bathroom flooring – Flooring may seem high-cost, but modern materials and skilled floor remodeling contractors can make the project budget-friendly while adding a trendy refresh button to your bathroom.

Learn About Your Options for Materials

Whether you’re talking cabinets, flooring, or even all new bathroom walls, absolutely every construction project in a home can be made from a wide range of materials. The material used has the number one largest impact on the appearance, and the cost of your remodel. Consider using modern synthetic materials to maintain your bathroom remodel budget, such as selecting quality laminate flooring or tile rather than the pure material.

Select a Contractor that Respects Your Budget

When seeking a contractor for your bathroom remodel take a great deal of care in paying attention to how they respond to your budget. If you get a lot of reluctance, tons of “suggestions” that just so happen to cost double what you expected, or they simply seem disinterested in respecting your budget, do not hire them!

A trustworthy contractor should be able to work within your remodeling budget, and should discuss your options with you in such a way that will save you money—not make you go over.

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