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Choose kitchen cabinets that best fit your remodeling project.

When you choose kitchen cabinets as a part of your kitchen remodeling project, you want your new cabinets to be attractive, functional, and most importantly, cost-effective! You can certainly have all of the above when you choose the right kitchen cabinets for your project. However, it takes some knowledge and understanding if you want to keep your new cabinets firmly in-budget while choosing quality-level cabinetry.

How to Choose Kitchen Cabinets That Fit Your Needs

Choosing kitchen cabinets isn’t the largest investment you’re likely to make during your kitchen remodeling project, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a special component to the theme, style, and structure to encompass your kitchen remodel. You’ll want to carefully choose the type of cabinets you install according to your goals, preferences, and budget.

Figure Out Your Style

  • Door style – Inset doors, louvered cabinets, inset kitchen cabinet doors. There are many options, each of which might impact the look and functionality of your cabinets.
  • Kitchen cabinet countertops – Marble is great for cost-efficiency and beauty, while quartz offers a good balance of cost and appearance with excellent stain resistance.
  • Cabinet colors – Do you want your kitchen cabinets to stand out against the rest of your kitchen’s color scheme, or do you want them to blend? Most go either with blending, or handsome wood cabinets for a great luxurious look.

Choose the Right Material

Fabricated wood countertops are the number one pick for kitchen areas. However, simply saying “wood” isn’t saying all that much. There are many wood types to pick from:

  • Oakwood – Oakwood cabinets are a staple in Tampa kitchens. They are hardy and stand up very well to the kitchen environment overall.
  • Birchwood – Birch is unique and attractive and offers excellent longevity for its cost.
  • Maple wood – Properly sealed maple is a great option when you choose kitchen cabinets that blend well with nearly any kitchen design.

Choose Kitchen Cabinets According to Your Lifestyle

To choose kitchen cabinets you need to ask yourself:

  • Do I use the kitchen frequently? An often-used kitchen will mean that you’ll want to opt for sturdier materials, and you’ll want to lean closer to functionality over visual appeal.
  • Do I need a lot of storage? Additional storage is easily found with the right cabinets, but you’ll want to plan for more storage up front. There’s nothing worse than completing a project only to find that you lack space to store all of your appliances and kitchen utensils.
  • Do I have/plan to have children? Kids will mean exposure to scratching, staining, and other common child hazards. For homeowners with children, we recommend quartz for stain resistance, and inset cabinet doors so that there are less hard edges around for potential injury.

Keep ROI in Mind

When balancing your kitchen remodeling budget, choose kitchen cabinets that are going to be worthwhile. The easiest rule to follow is that the longer you plan on living in your home, the easier it is to spend a little more. You want to really be able to enjoy your new cabinets if they’re going to take up a good chunk of your overall budget. If you plan to move in the next five or so years, we recommend going for something simple, functional, and popular (which makes it easier to keep home buyers more interested in making an offer if you choose trendier styles that are more appealing to the eye)!

New Kitchen Cabinets from Way Floors

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