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Way Floors is a kitchen cabinet and flooring installation company based in Tampa, Florida. Way Floors’ team has the experience, knowledge, and expertise to complete your kitchen cabinet installation job.


Kitchen Cabinet Installation

Way Floors is not just a supplier of cabinets. We can help you plan, select and accomplish kitchen remodeling in Tampa, bathroom remodeling in Tampa, and kitchen cabinet installation in Tampa.

Way Floors works directly with manufacturers of home accessories, which means we purchase products at wholesale prices. This allows you to save money on your home improvement projects by working with Way Floors. Our team can show you the final product through our unique 3D visualization process. The cabinets sold by Way Floors are made from wood. The following is a brief breakdown of each type.


  • Cove espresso top
  • White shaker kitchen
  • American classic
  • Gray kitchen
  • Honey kitchen
  • Mocha kitchen

Our cabinets are made from three kinds of wood. These include maple, oak, and birch. Most of the cabinets come in either a darker, richer color or a lighter color. Cabinet designs such as Cove Espresso Top, American Classic, and Mocha Kitchen are darker colored cabinets. Cove Espresso Top has a deep rich brown color. If you prefer a lighter brown, then you have a choice between Mocha Kitchen and American Classic. If you prefer a lighter color to help reflect more light in and around the kitchen, designs such as Honey Kitchen, Gray Kitchen, and White Shaker would be more suitable.

Kitchen cabinet installation is not only about the cabinets. You may also want to think about the countertops. Way Floors offers some of the best materials for countertops. These include marble, quartz, and granite of many different colors. There are a wide variety of styles and colors to turn your kitchen into beautiful as well as a practical space.

Contact Way Floors for Kitchen Cabinet Installation in Tampa

Whether you are a homeowner or a contractor considering kitchen cabinet installation in Tampa, Way Floors will help you. Our team will relieve the frustrations and headaches that come with any home remodeling projects. With our direct relationship with suppliers, we are capable of giving you any combination of products at unbeatable prices.

Before you start your next kitchen cabinet installation in Tampa, contact Way Floors for more information and learn how we can benefit your kitchen cabinet and flooring installation.